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#245 Best Packaging Design



Client: Redheads Wine Studio
By: Mash
This wine represented the best produce from Redheads in their 2006 vintage. The client brief was simple, communicate that this is our best, this is our proud as punch moment in wine. Mash developed the name and packaging design. Whiphand, meaning a maverick, best of the best. The imagery was then developed around this name, the old school rodeo champ rounding up his fury victim with poise and ease; the best of his kind. The neck label was a reinforcement of the ‘Whiphand’ idea. The definition of the wording all revolves around this best of the best theme. Colonel Mustard, 1st Chop, Black Knight, Bell Ringer, Master Frank, Ace in the Hole, Shoo in, Best Bacon, Motherload.