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#246 Best Packaging Design



Client: Misfits Wine Co
By: Mash
Cycle Buff Beauty, a Misfits Wine Co. production. As the name suggests Misfit’s do not fit into the mould of the average wine producer. The 3 heads behind Misfits are a combination of wine distribution experts and winemakers with a love for eclectic hard metal music, tattoos, and fine wines. Not your usual stuffy wine producer. The packaging had to separate Misfits from the expected. The design and name was inspired by 1960′s gentleman’s magazines. The sort of thing that the CEO’s of the big companies may have read as youngsters, but would never admit in their professional circles. Misfits, hey they use it as their packaging. The story is all about the smaller producers holding onto their best grapes and producing their own wines instead of selling them onto the big boys of the wine industry; giving the grapes the chance to be used with creativity to make unique quality wines, instead of the same old, same old. The Girls are representative of the these grapes, the chasing 60’s bikers are representative of the multi-national wine producers.