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#250 Best Packaging Design



Client: Redheads Wine Studio
By: Mash
Changing Lanes
The idea behind this brand was to bring together the 2 famous wine regions of Margaret River and McLaren Vale into the 1 wine. 2 great wine regions, 2 talented wine makers, 1 new wine. Using grapes from the Margaret River (Western Australia) and McLaren Vale (South Australia) in the 1 wine had not been done before due to the vast distances between these 2 regions. Packaging needed to be unique to communicate the uniqueness of the product inside the bottle.
To tell the story behind the brand through the packaging itself. Co-incidentally the 2 wine makers both shared the same last name ‘LANE’. Hence the brand name ‘CHANGING LANES’. As the bottle is tilted the face on the label changes from Mark Lane to Justin Lane (the two winemakers in question). The card they hold up also animates from ‘Lane 1’ to ‘Lane 2’. Everything else in the image stays constant.