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#262 Best Website



Client: Emma Laue
By: Egnaro Design Pty Ltd
Create a web site to display the works and collection of gowns hand made by Emma Laue. Site to be very simple to navigate. Name to designed into some sort of logo to be displayed throughout. Emma Laue creates hand made wedding gowns and bridal wear. Each gown is sown by hand, beautiful, timeless, unique, (high quality fabric) that compliment the buyers’ personality. Emma has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years. Site to promote sales via web, tone is to be Classy, classic, timeless. Complexity – we are passing on a simple message, this needs to be a simple site. If customer are interested of has questions, we would prefer them to call us direct so we can communicate via the phone with a more personal style service. Budget is under $3k.