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#263 Best Student Portfolio



Client: Yiying Lu
By: Yiying Lu
As an international design student, I have traveled, lived and studied in different cities and countries on 3 different continents. During my development as a designer, I gradually realised that there is a powerful language through which I can both comprehend and communicate. It is a language within me. My inspirations usually come from little things within everyday life. Falling in love with ordinary objects, shapes and recognising their tacit beauty. My portfolio is a journey of ideas, thinking processes and originality. My design works usually tend to find meaning in everyday objects, by discovering the simple connections and relationships that exist, and seeking to inspire the viewer with new approaches and fresh ideas, as well as making them unleash their wit and humour. I’m always trying to find the extraordinary in the ordinary – reading beyond the denotation and beginning to discover the connotation – exploring my creative thinking processes, and cultivating my curiosities about life from unfamiliar aspects. My intention in design is to shift the viewer’s perceptions in different ways – using juxtaposition, conjunction, incongruity, interpolation, discontinuity, distortion, substitution and all kinds of manipulation. I hope my design will not only establish a clear visual communication to the viewer, but also help them to keep the spirit of fun alive within themselves.