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#312 Best Digital Media



Client: Eye Candy Animation
By: Eye Candy Animation
As part of our recent rebranding in early 2007, we developed a show reel of work to be used for marketing our services. The brief for the reel was to create a coherent, fluid and all encompassing highlight of our best work. The show reel was directed with the view of providing the audience with something that went beyond cutting bits of our work together with nice music – we wanted to thrust the viewer into the world of Eye Candy Animation. With it’s many twists and turns, the reel takes the viewer on a fast paced journey through some of Eye Candy’s best work as if the viewer had stepped through a rabbit hole. Choosing a sound track was never going to be easy, but clever sound design by Bearcage Productions helped infuse a selection of tracks which gave the visuals depth and brought everything together.