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#325 Best Digital Media



Client: City Films
By: Not Quite Hollywood
Over the past twelve months l have led a team which has been responsible for creating the opening title sequence and animation content for the feature length documentary ‘Not Quite Hollywood’.
Not Quite Hollywood is the first detailed examination and celebration of Australian genre films in the 70′s and early 80′s and the undervalued filmmakers and actors who brought them to life in such an explosive way.
We were supplied with over 5000 original production stills and endless hours of footage from the films that featured in the documentary.
Our brief for the opening credits was to be inspired by these assets and to create a fast-paced visual ‘mash-up’ of high-impact motion graphics with character and energy.
The brief for the general content was to create visually stimulating animations that complemented the specific points that the interviewees were making.