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#329 Best Design for Print Media (Creative)



Client: T-world
By: T-world
T-world is a journal created by Eddie Zammit, Luke Fraser and Melanie Hick. The core focus of the journal is based on T-shirt culture. T is inspired by three motivations; quality, originality and longevity. Everything we do for T-world ensures these three ideas are achieved.
Issue #03 of T-world’s T-shirt journal was launched in October 2007. We invited artists from across the globe to to submit all the prints in each of the label’s entire collection. The issue was dubbed the ’100 percent Collections Issue’.
The bigger picture of T is that it is now distributed into 15 countries and has a cult following locally and internationally. T is a resource as much as it is a publication. That’s why we like to refer to it as a journal.