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#358 Best Design for Print Media (Creative)



Client: Lothian Books
By: Beck Wheeler
How Absurd is a childrens book which aims to engage childrens imagination by using absurd rhymes, crazy animal characters and bright and bubbly illustrations. The story revolves around the main character Amy and her one eyed cat. Amy mixes and matches up different animals to make new creature combinations.
“I wanted to create a book that inspired a childs imagination/individuality and creativity. ‘How Absurd’ asks questions without giving any right or wrong answers. My aim was to create a book that would open up a dialogue between teacher/child or parent/child about the different animals pictured and could be used as an interactive tool in the classroom or household.”
- Beck Wheeler
Author/Illustrator: Beck Wheeler
Art Direction and Design: Beck Wheeler
Typesetting and pre-press design: Pigs Might Fly
Publisher: Lothian Books