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#413 Design for Print Media – Commercial



Client: IZM Media
By: Aer Design
The name Sprinkla was inspired by innocent days playing under the sprinkler in the backyard, and has been adopted to describe what Sprinkla are now doing ‘spreading the word on sustainability’ It is the Sprinkla aim to diffuse information in a way that is as refreshing as the shower of droplets from the old garden sprinkler, and it was the aim of the publication design to do the same.
Sprinkla and its design aimed to be the binding roots behind the magazine content. A flexible and intuitive page design allowing content to breath, to freely communicate and while marrying to the Sprinkla Brand, still gives articles a unique personality. With carefully art directed and meticulously chosen imagery, an offbeat visual narrative compliments the article. Like the philosophy behind sustainability…considering each part, type, colour, how they interact and together can present messages unique, powerful yet approachable.