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#433 Best Digital Film for Commercial



Client: Furst Media
By: Qube Konstrukt
Footwear brand Royal Elastics commissioned Qube Konstrukt to create an animated spot for the launch of a new sneaker range. Referencing the layered, somewhat science fiction feel of the shoe — and inspired by pre-digital era special effects techniques used on films like Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey — the studio combined matte painting and 3D animation with diorama construction and live action photography to create the final retro-futuristic aesthetic. We track a small spacecraft (a stylised version of the Royal Elastics logo) which enters a cityscape, only to reveal that this future city is actually a mothership. Design elements of the shoe were referenced in the modelling of the mothership, made apparent when the ship begins to suddenly transform into a shoe like form, finally morphing into the actual Renmar as it lands in a ‘faux-real’ forest clearing.