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#66 Best Design for Print Media (Commercial)



Client: The GPT Group
By: Wright Graphics
Site branding, mesh signage, Exterior Signboard, Brochure (information memorandum – including packaging, stamp and stickers) as well as press advertisements.

Our specific communication goal is to create an “Information Memorandum” to market the ‘brand’ of
“Connect@Erskine Park” along with the logotype and marketing collateral. The objective of this IM is to stimulate interest in this property
in prospective tenants or buyers who are considering the location. They will use the IM to gain insight into the specific benefits of the
site. The use of various graphic designs, colour selections (and recycled papers in the final printing) all combine to communicate
the positive attributes of the location, the high quality of the Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) as well as highlighting unique aspects of the property design and its suitability for their warehouse accommodation needs.